Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 27, Thursday, January 30, 2014

  • Wrote a vision code for autonomous. Finished
  • Actually wrote 2 one using if structures and another using sequence structure and while loop.
  1. Read Distance global variable. If hot, then fire solenoids and stop
  2. First, keep reading distance global variable. Stop when it is hot, and then shoot solenoids.
  • Had to choose between processing vision onboard or on the dashboard.  I chose onboard processing so I could set a global variable for distance to be retrieved in autonomous
  • Edited Dashboard code to retrieve data front the robot and share distance and color calibration and mask image.  (Also set global for mask image.)
  • Still couldn't test (electrical board is being worked on)
  • Installing LabView 2014 on Samsung in order to start writing the actual code for the final robot
Autonomous (2 modes)
From side:
  1. Go foward
  2. Look for hot
  3. If hot shoot (If not, wait 5 seconds, time delay, then shoot
  4. Go back to the middle or edge of scoring zone for teleop and turn around 
From middle:
  1. Go forward
  2. Turn a little bit to face target
  3. Look for hot
  4. If hot shoot (If not, 5 second time delay then shoot)
  5. Turn back around and position for teleop
Worked on electrical board
  • Redid some wires to make them  longer
  • Attatched signal light
Started drilling holes in chassis for mounting plates and compressor
  • Made top mounting plates, 4
  • Finish drilling holes
  • Mount mounting plates
People: Cammy, Darius, Yuuma, Sara

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Blake, Jackie, Danielle
  • ZJ welded mounting plates to the chassis
  • Welded intake plates
  • Ground/sanded shooter
  • Cut metal - 1.5x1.45x.25
  • Sanded/ground welds on shooter, mounted plates
  • Glued bearings onto gears for gearbox

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