Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 18, Tuesday, January 21


  • Hot detection
    • Found important location code to use autonomous
      • located in "score and rank objects"
    • Uncluster "target info" output from array to cluster
      • unbundle
      • keep unbundling until 'state'
      • which is hot or not
    • use for autonomous case condition
    • analized rest of example code
Goal: Do the actual autonomous and fix vision processing

  • Battery mount
    • made all parts except plates
      • struggled making carved out cut  to weld another bar between it
      • used bandsaw to cut it out
  • Belly pan
    • Made all rough cuts
      • still need to cast some sections out for battery and support bars
      • use jigsaw to cut out sections
      • Table saw to cut rough areas
  • Still need to clean and sand parts
Made part drawings for adjusted parts.
Finished shooter!!

Kevin, Dylan K, Dylan B, Masa, Jackie
Marked, cut, mulled parts. Masa worked on bumpers, 75% done, 6/7 riveted wheels.

Danielle, Liana, Sarah
Worked on painting and sewing bumpers.

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