Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 19, Wednesday, January 22


  • Finished painting bumpers and touched them up
    • finished sewing but need to get puffy paint for outlining letters
    • Masanari is making parts that attach to bumpers
  • Autonomous vision
    • started writing an autonomous vision code
    • unclustered target information
    • Found value "hot" and "not hot"
    • Didn't test yet because testboard was disassembled accidentally
    • so the testboard had to be re assembled
    • Looked at tutorials to understand code better
*Programming Lesson tomorrow after team "I'm excited"s.
Production Assembly Electrical Board
  • Started putting on power distributions and talons.
Camelia, Masanari, Darius, Sara, Peter and Blake worked on Electrical today.

Worked on inventory.
We have 4 more axles to make for mechanical. The 2 back drive shaft and 2 puns that hold the piston on chassis.
Parts were cleaned and milled. We finished rivetting the spare wheel and cut angle irons.

Kevin A, ZJ, Dylan B, Dylan K, Jackie and Blake worked on Mechanical today.

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