Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 16, Sunday, January 19


  • Integrated vision processing example code into new test board
    • images move slower that usual
    • got good rectangle score by eliminating outside light
    • how to use vision processing in autonomous ??
    • if hot, shoot, if not, wait until hot and then shoot
    • don't know what to put for case condition statement
  • Made camera mount (physical)
  • Fixed encoder mount CAD
  • Continue trying out vision processing autonomous
  • Find out what condition statement will be
Welded the tower back brace of the chassis.

Had trouble with the voltage and wire speed, use recommended voltage for 16 gauge and decrease if necessary. There is a chart in the access panel of the welder for the recommended speed and voltage.

1. Bumper construction: Sara, Jackie - Put team colored fabric over bumpers via sewing. Still need to decide on #'s.
2. Wheel treading: Dylan, Fabrice - Drilled rivet holes in wheels
Need to put treads on wheels

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