Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 20, Thursday, January 23


  • Programming lesson from Mr. Ott
  • Tested 'hot or not' in example code
  • Detected hot and not hot
  • Also detected left or right goals
  • Test autonomous program
  • Troubleshooting code because it probably won't work at first
  • Find out how to display images in vision processing
ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle, Fabrice, Blake, Masanari

Welded the plates for the intake plates, ground the chassis sides so bumpers can fit ontop. Welced and ground camera mount.

Cut 2 plates for encoder - marked holes and milled out 1/4 and 1/6 holes on plates. Also milled holes in 2 plates would help hold up the electrical board.

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