Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 24, Monday, January 27


  • Made dashboard program for vision processing and tested it
    • it worked so we're trying to integrate the rest of the vision code into the vision processing VI in the test code
  • Learned how to make globals and local variables and references
  • start final program on samsung computer
  • Finish integrating code
  • Test the autonomous
  • Made final adjustments to encoder mount
    • test fit on robot
    • had to mill ovals to allow wiggle room
  • Just need to tap and put on robot
People: Cammy, Darius Kevin W, Yuuma, Masa, Sara, Fabrice

ZJ, Jackie, Dylan K

The wheels are in, we made the pins fit in the piston mount for the shooter. We had to sand.

Put together the booth and sanded the pipe connectors.

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