Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 25, Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Autonomous codes to test on robot

  • Drive forward ( insert desired tested distance)
  • Lower intake bar
  • Wait for hot
  • Shoot
  • Turn around (maybe)
    • Need to test robot for abilities
Accomplished today
  • Outlined basic autonomous instructions
  • Finalized encoder mount
    • Tapped and needs to be attached  onto robot after drive train
  • Cad of polycarb solar panel and mounts made 
    • 1/8# polycarb for holding electronics
    • Will use 1" angle bracket to mount onto robot
  • Finished a lot of bumpers
    • Completed half
    • Drilled holes
    • Not started on front
People: Yuuma, Peter, Masa, Darius, Sara

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle, and Liana
  • Sanded/made inside of connectors for booth smaller 
    • Smaller with drum
  • Started putting together gearbox

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