Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 26, Wednesday, January 29


  • finished dashboard vision processing
  • started editing autonomous hot detect with distances and color components globals
    • will test tomorrow
  • LabView installation on Samsung did not finish
  • Assembled production electrical board
    • about 60% done
  • Darius finished last scene for video until dinner
  • Encoder was finally mounted
  • Finish electrical board
  • Drill holes into chassis for compressor
  • Cut polycarb triangles
  • Weld two mounting plates for electrical board
  • Weld 1" angle iron
People: Darius, Zach, Kevin W, Masa, Fabrice, Sara

Assembled Robot Gearbox

  • 2 bumpers still need to be finished
  • sanded the insides of PVC pipes for booth

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