Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 21, Friday, January 24

What we did:

  • Second set of bumper mounts
    • not finished yet
  • Testing new encoder mount
    • Change screw size #4
  • Welded part of battery mount
    • Crooked and bent
    • Welds were too thick
  • Finalize all hardware mounts
  • Weld battery mount together
  • Finish second set of  bumper connectors
People:   Masanari, Darius, Yuuma, Peter, Fabrice, Cammy, and Sara

Attendance : Kevin A, ZJ, Jackie, Fabrice, Zach, Khoi, Yuuma, Peter, Masa, Darius

  • Made another encoder plate, cut 1x3x.125 made 1/4 and 1/16 holes
  • Took apart gear box dealt with grease and a stripped screw using vice grips
  • Welded and groud chassis
  • Cut and drilled holes for bumper mounts

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