Friday, December 12, 2014

Highlands Elementary "THANK YOU" Cards

Hi, blog viewers!

Our recent visit to Highlands Elementary was much appreciated by students, parents, and teachers who wrote us thank you letters!

Here's some pictures, with translation on the side in case you can't read from the pictures.

"Dear Kalani Robotic Students, Thank you for teaching us how to build an electronic bristle bot. I've never had builded a electronic bristlebot it's so awesome building a bristle bot! It can do anything! But I didn't know that the brush made the bristlebot move. It was fun that my bristle bot had 4 legs on the bristle bot race my bristle bot wen faster. I won but I felt bad when Zion lose but we still had a good time!
-Mahalo! Klani high school students.
Sincerily Ethan D"

"Dear Kalani High School Robotic team,
Thank you for helping me make a Bristlebot. and it was a great experience. I did not know about electronics in till you told me about it. When I went home and showed my family they were amazed.

"Bristelbot Dec2 Bristelbots
Dear Kalani Robotic Team Students Thank You for coming to our school and letting us build our own Bristelbot. When I went home my mom and dad said it was cool. I really enjoyed playing with it and doing the sumo challenge and the bristlebot race.
I got to rebuild it was fun rebuilding the bristelbot. I had a great experience! I hope you guys come again Thank you,

"Dear Kalani High School Robotic students
We had a great experience I learned that the motor comes from a telepone. I also had a great time raceing and sumo battleing. We had so fun thank you Madisyan, james, courtney, and Mr. Silva for coming. Love Kekai: Aloha 12-2-14"

"Dear Kalani Students, When I went home my perents were inprest What you helped me make. 
Sunsere Josaih"

"Dear Kalani 'A' Team,
It was a wonderful apportunity you gave us here at PCHES!
Thank you all so very, very much. Students learning from students, it just doesn't get better. You are so welcome here everyday.
Ms Pam

"Dear Kalani High Robotic's Students, (Madi, Courtney, + James)
What a wonderful day we had building with you! My students were so excited! They learned about motors, movement, counter weight, batteries, etc... They couldn't stop talking about it!
You were all so patient (cont'd) with the students. I bragged about you guys to all my other teachers! Thanks again for the excellent life experience you gave my students! Good Luck with all your future endeavors!
Much Aloha,
Mrs. Montgomery
Rm 23

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Highlands and Mililani Elementary Bristlebot DEMOS [11/1 & 11/26]

Hello, Bristlebot fans!

We have recently started bringing back our bristlebot nights that were really popular in the past. We would bring over a load of bristlebots and teach children and their parents how to make one, and give examples of what they could make so that they would eventually stem off and create whatever they can imagine with the brush, googly eyes, rubberbands, battery, motor, and pipe cleaners given.

We've re-opened this business up but rather than doing this in the evenings, we have been visiting cafeterias full of children, or a classroom full of children during their school day to teach them how to build a bot, and hopefully inspire a younger generation to raise up future Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics students.

We had some very successful results, here. Take a look at our future STEM students! And their parents. And us.

Great idea for storing bristlebots after taking it out of the package!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FLL Tournament [11/11/14]

Hello, readers!

Last week, we hosted our annual FLL Tournament for elementary/middle school FLL teams. It was yet again a successful turnout with around 30 teams, sponsor booths and a booth for our bristlebots!

Enjoy some pictures from the event.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Neal Blaisdell Craft Fair: Busy Weekend! [10/25-26]

Hello, star shines!!!

If you read our blogpost about Lacy Veach Day, you would know that this past weekend was very very busy, we had to be at two places at once on Saturday!

Just kidding!! We had two separate teams for Lacy Veach and the first day of NBC's Seasonal Craft Fair.

It went fairly well, we had a lot of generous donators and people excited to open their new bristlebot packages at home! We also had some people from our team really brush up on their speaking skills.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lacy Veach Day: New Creative Designs! [10/25]

 Hello, all!!

I decided to try more fun titles out. If any one reads this blog, tell me how it is, I might keep it up!

This past weekend, our team was in multiple places. One of these places was at Punahou school in Dillingham Hall in an impressively large chemistry classroom.

Was this classroom actually going to be used for chemistry? Nah. See, Lacy Veach, the astronaut and Punahou grad has an annual day dedicated to STEM education. So on this day, there is a lot of children and parents looking forward to--that's right--a bristlebot workshop!

Honestly before the children came in, our team of six was a little on the edge about the presentation we had prepped. Our presentation was about what we do and the mechanics of the bristlebot but in the end, everything was alright! Presentation did no harm.

After the presentation was time for everyone to assemble their bristlebots, we had a lot of cool designs we've never seen before. I'll put pictures below.

There was really no need to fuss in the beginning, the workshop was success. Everyone enjoyed their time building, they got to take their bots home. And we even made some sales to satisfied parents and students.

Thank you and see you next year, Lacy Veach!