Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lacy Veach Day: New Creative Designs! [10/25]

 Hello, all!!

I decided to try more fun titles out. If any one reads this blog, tell me how it is, I might keep it up!

This past weekend, our team was in multiple places. One of these places was at Punahou school in Dillingham Hall in an impressively large chemistry classroom.

Was this classroom actually going to be used for chemistry? Nah. See, Lacy Veach, the astronaut and Punahou grad has an annual day dedicated to STEM education. So on this day, there is a lot of children and parents looking forward to--that's right--a bristlebot workshop!

Honestly before the children came in, our team of six was a little on the edge about the presentation we had prepped. Our presentation was about what we do and the mechanics of the bristlebot but in the end, everything was alright! Presentation did no harm.

After the presentation was time for everyone to assemble their bristlebots, we had a lot of cool designs we've never seen before. I'll put pictures below.

There was really no need to fuss in the beginning, the workshop was success. Everyone enjoyed their time building, they got to take their bots home. And we even made some sales to satisfied parents and students.

Thank you and see you next year, Lacy Veach!