Thursday, December 4, 2014

Highlands and Mililani Elementary Bristlebot DEMOS [11/1 & 11/26]

Hello, Bristlebot fans!

We have recently started bringing back our bristlebot nights that were really popular in the past. We would bring over a load of bristlebots and teach children and their parents how to make one, and give examples of what they could make so that they would eventually stem off and create whatever they can imagine with the brush, googly eyes, rubberbands, battery, motor, and pipe cleaners given.

We've re-opened this business up but rather than doing this in the evenings, we have been visiting cafeterias full of children, or a classroom full of children during their school day to teach them how to build a bot, and hopefully inspire a younger generation to raise up future Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics students.

We had some very successful results, here. Take a look at our future STEM students! And their parents. And us.

Great idea for storing bristlebots after taking it out of the package!

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