Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 38, Wednesday, February 12


  • tweaked autonomous more
  • calibrated vision
  • vision processing VI works
  • calibration is time consuming
  • hooked up camera
try calibration helper VI and integrate it to programming

Day 37, Tuesday, February 11


  • Tweaked autonomous for testing tomorrow
  • Tweaked driver control; all controls functional
  • Started mounting LEDs
    • on button side of chassis
    • used connectors on corners
    • ran out of length for any other parts
      • more LEDs can be bought for use on triangles and other places
    • Can extend connectors by soldering
      • for transition to triangles and bottom
  • Need to put all electronics back that were taken out when gearbox repaired
  • Need to make drivers station new joysticks
    • use a board and velcro things on
People: Camelia, Darius, Masanari, Yuuma, Kevin W

Attendance: Jackie, ZJ, Kevin A, Danielle

  • Put mech. list of parts to take to Texas (in the fat maxes)
  • Created part drawings for new intake
  • Started cutting parts for intake
  • Shot and scored ball
  • Problem with gearboxes
  • Put new hard stops on for shooter

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 34-36 Masterpost

Day 34, Friday, February 7
  • DriProgram broke again
    • it was retrieved luckily
  • Remade "Begin", "teleop", and started an autonomous
  • Can't test until robot is finished
  • Will test teleop tomorrow
  • Decided exactly where solenoid is going
  • Fixed intake talon orientation
  • Made intake motor wires
  • Powered cRIO
  • Powered various components
  • Drill holes in intake for wires
  • Hook up pneumatics
People: Sara, Camelia, Darius, Masanari, Fabrice, Kevin, Peter

Jackie, ZJ, Kevin, Danielle

Put together the solenoids and crimp wires.

Day 35, Saturday, February 8
  • Got dashboard program
  • Nothing got deleted today
  • Wrote an autonomous program
    • not tested yet
  • Tried to test vision but couldn't ping camera
  • so no image came in
  • Fixed up teleop
  • Wrote finish VI
  • Fixed Begin VI
  • Saved lots of backup
  • Put together all pneumatics
    • tested for leaks
      • fixed most of them
  • Drilled holes for intake and hardstop
  • Put two high pressure tanks and two low pressure tanks
People: Camelia, Darius, Sara, Fabrice, Peter, Masnari, Jackie


Help drill holes on intake and shooter. Vacuum while holes were being drilled. Put new tetlon tape on pneumatic fittings.

Day 36, Sunday, February 9
LED's we got them to work and we will put them on the intake as soon as it is ready
  • Started testing teleop
  • Programmed buttons and controllers for teleop
  • Finished wiring everything
  • Changing first driver to two joysticks
Goals: Change intake motor controls to attack 3 joysticks transmission control
People: Camelia, Darius, Sara, Kevin, Masanari, Fabrice

Jackie, Dylan K, ZJ, Kevin A, Blanke

Fixed the cart. Found that the hard stops on the shooter are wrong. Helped trouble shoot the program and drove the robot.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 33, Thursday, February 6

Programming: Fixed the vision code that broke and Fabrice made "Begin & Teleop" and Yuuma made "finish" VI.
Before, it broke after we copied it from the flash drive so we had to use the target detection VI from the C Drive location and not E drive (flash drive) almost ready for testing now hopefully 2/7.

  • Out on polycarb
  • Installed compressor
  • Started making cRIO power
  • Powered digital side car
  • Filmed some scenes for video
  • Decided a place for signal light on bar at top
  • Finish wiring components
  • Attach Radio
  • Put together pneumatics
People: Masa, Darius, Yuuma, Sara, Camelia, Fabrice

Jackie, ZJ, Kevin, Blake, Danielle

Worked on electrical. Installed the compressor, CAD ed and designed a new Robot Cart. Installed Cable for hard stops.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 32, Thursday, February 5


  • All files got deleted. 
    • We don't know why or how
    • The files are unretrievable
    • It happened after the dashboard project was placed in the robot project folder
    • We tried around 5 times
      • it deleted them again
    • We need to start over
  • Added most of the PWM cabled
  • Attached all chassis motors, power spike, reservoirs, polycarb mounts
  • Still need to power all components
  • Power components
  • Build pneumatic system
  • Attache polycarb
People: Darius, Kevin W, Fabrice, Masanari, Camelia, Sara

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 31, Tuesday, February 4

What we did

  • Made test board for hot detection again because previous one was taken apart
  • Configured test board (different cRIO)
  • Attached cRIO board onto robot
  • Wired beaker and battery connector
  • Connected chassis motors
  • Continue with hot detection
  • Wire intake motors
  • Connect pwm cables
  • Maybe start putting reservoirs on
Attendance: Yuuma, Darius, Masanari, Camelia, Sara

Dremmeled holes so it would line up with the motor for intake, 
Attached motors and chained sprockets for intake,
Attached intake to robot,
Tested intake with bumpers on

Attendance: Jackie, Kevin A, ZJ, Blake, Danielle, Dylan B

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 29-Day 30, Saturday-Monday, February 1-Febuary 2

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle

Welded, spray painted and assembled robot.

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle, Blake

Attached shooter, chained up the gear boxes and put wheels on intake. We also cut a rod to hold the shooter, sanded down the rod and the holes for the bearings on the intake.

What we did:

  • Electrical board is ready for testing hot detect
    • Need to finish finalizing wire length
    • Add more permanent wire connections
  • Worked on hot detection
  • Worked on final program
  • fixed batteries
  • Finished cutting polycarb
  • Mount polycarb mount
  • Wire all final program
People: Peter, Darius, Kevin W, Sara, Cammy
What we did:
  • Finished final program except for autonomous
    • Need autonomous
    • Need hot detection
  • Tried to put production electrical board into robot
    • Did not fit
    • Cut board
      • still didn't fit
    • Cut more so it fits in chassis
  • Yuuma learned how to program
  • Resecure talons onto board
  • Start placing our electronics
  • Connect SIM motors to talons
  • Masa, Yuuma, Darius, Peter, Kevin W, Fabrice, Sara

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 28, Friday, January 31

What we did:

  • Made eletrical board to test hot detection (works) temporary
  • Download on Samsung complete
People: Kevin W, Yuuma, Masa, Fabrice, Sara

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle

Painted, welded sanded chassis/shooter

PVC pipes finished sanding and drilling, eyes are put in for stabilizing the booth.