Friday, December 12, 2014

Highlands Elementary "THANK YOU" Cards

Hi, blog viewers!

Our recent visit to Highlands Elementary was much appreciated by students, parents, and teachers who wrote us thank you letters!

Here's some pictures, with translation on the side in case you can't read from the pictures.

"Dear Kalani Robotic Students, Thank you for teaching us how to build an electronic bristle bot. I've never had builded a electronic bristlebot it's so awesome building a bristle bot! It can do anything! But I didn't know that the brush made the bristlebot move. It was fun that my bristle bot had 4 legs on the bristle bot race my bristle bot wen faster. I won but I felt bad when Zion lose but we still had a good time!
-Mahalo! Klani high school students.
Sincerily Ethan D"

"Dear Kalani High School Robotic team,
Thank you for helping me make a Bristlebot. and it was a great experience. I did not know about electronics in till you told me about it. When I went home and showed my family they were amazed.

"Bristelbot Dec2 Bristelbots
Dear Kalani Robotic Team Students Thank You for coming to our school and letting us build our own Bristelbot. When I went home my mom and dad said it was cool. I really enjoyed playing with it and doing the sumo challenge and the bristlebot race.
I got to rebuild it was fun rebuilding the bristelbot. I had a great experience! I hope you guys come again Thank you,

"Dear Kalani High School Robotic students
We had a great experience I learned that the motor comes from a telepone. I also had a great time raceing and sumo battleing. We had so fun thank you Madisyan, james, courtney, and Mr. Silva for coming. Love Kekai: Aloha 12-2-14"

"Dear Kalani Students, When I went home my perents were inprest What you helped me make. 
Sunsere Josaih"

"Dear Kalani 'A' Team,
It was a wonderful apportunity you gave us here at PCHES!
Thank you all so very, very much. Students learning from students, it just doesn't get better. You are so welcome here everyday.
Ms Pam

"Dear Kalani High Robotic's Students, (Madi, Courtney, + James)
What a wonderful day we had building with you! My students were so excited! They learned about motors, movement, counter weight, batteries, etc... They couldn't stop talking about it!
You were all so patient (cont'd) with the students. I bragged about you guys to all my other teachers! Thanks again for the excellent life experience you gave my students! Good Luck with all your future endeavors!
Much Aloha,
Mrs. Montgomery
Rm 23

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