Thursday, September 25, 2014

McKinely VEX Tournament, [9/20/14]

Say HELLO to the first blogpost of the school year!

Two of our teams, #3008K and #3008A both participated in the last VEX Tournament that could send us to VEX World's this year this weekend at McKinley high school, in the gym.

During qualifications, our teams ran into a few problems. #3008A's motor overheated  and wouldn't work and on of their solenoid cables had to be changed their claw wouldn't work.
#3008K had many problems with their drive train among many other things.

While #3008K did not make it past alliance selection, #3008A was picked by team #6292, the Patriots from the Christian Academy. Together, they chose #2437A, the Lancer Bots from Sacred Hearts Academy.

They advanced into quarter finals, then faced the very talented trio #1841A, the Buff'n Blue from Punahou; #3590A, Waialua; and #4109, 808 Robotics.

Good luck next time, teams! Hopefully this experience will help improve the future teams next year!