Friday, November 15, 2013

Rockwell Animations- Voting has restarted (please continue to vote for us)

Hi all,
The Rockwell Automations future video voting contest has been restarted due to glitches in the system and people finding out ways to delete their cookies after voting so that they can vote as many times as they want.

They have fixed their website glitches, and we are now only allowed voting once each day.

Our video is now on the 7th page. It has a different thumbnail, and it also has sound this time.

new location of our video

Please continue to vote for our video! However in courtesy to FIRST and Gracious Professionalism, we ask that you don't try to "cheat," as easy as it may be. (No deleting cookies, using proxies, writing codes, editing page sources, etc.) We realize that it is very tempting, but remember that FIRST is all about being Gracious Professionals. However, please vote for us once a day.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Help us win $5,000!!!

Our team has submitted our video in the Rockwell Automation video contest! If we get the most votes, our team will win $5,000! You can help us by following these easy steps- it will take less than a minute so please help us!!!

2) scroll down until you find our video. it is on the first page on the bottom row in the middle column. Find our video and click on it. It is called Team 3008 wheelchair assist.

this^ is ours

3) hit the VOTE button!

4) Share the link and tell your friends to vote for us too!

Don't forget to vote for us every day! We are in third place right now. With your help, we might be able to get 1st! Thank you :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

See Team 3008's Interview on 'Olelo!

Team 3008's interview with 'Olelo on Children and Youth day at the State Capitol will be shown at the following times:

11/5 at 7:30 PM, channel 49
11/8 at 3:30 PM channel 55
11/11 at 8:00 AM channel 49
11/12 at 10:30 AM channel 55

VEX Tournaments- Nanakuli and Millilani

Our team did really well at the last two VEX tournaments that we participated in- Nanakuli and Millilani!
At the Nanakuli tournament, we won 4 out of 6 matches and came in rank 5.  We were picked by the 4th seeded alliance- team 3590 Waialua Intermediate, and then picked IPA team 4442X. We won the quarter final match with 71 points to 23, high hanging with a ball! Unfortunately the semi final matches were against Waialua High School 359A and Millilani team 1973C, and we lost.

During the Nanakuli tournament we also had our very first design award interview. We presented our notebook to the judge and talked about our team organization, roles, and how we came up with the design for our robot. The judge was very impressed at our innovative design and engineering notebook, and we brought home the design award at the end of the tournament! Now we qualify for the VEX Hawaii State championships coming up on December 20 at Honolulu Community college. Congratulations, fellow team members Dylan Bell, Jackie Wong, and Masanari Mitsui!

Our VEX team competed again two weeks later at the Millilani Central O'ahu tournament.  During the two weeks between the two tournaments we had developed a power takeoff mechanism to assist our high hang, where when engaged, all four motors on our drive train would assist and provide more torque to our arm for hanging. After doing our calculations we discovered that with our power takeoff engaged, our arm would be able to lift up to 48 pounds! But unfortunately, the shafts could not handle so much torque and they bent. During this tournament, our robot could only low hang. However, we still ended up winning 5 out of our 7 matches and ranked 5 once again. During the alliance selections we picked 'Iolani and Moanalua.  However, we lost the semi finals to the Campbell Sabertrons and the Tiki Techs from the Big Island.

Another Kalani VEX team also competed along with us at the Millilani tournament- team 3008J. Although they had never competed in a tournament before, their robot still performed well.  They advanced to the elimination matches with 1973D (Millilani high school) and Pearl City high school, but lost in the quarter finals to the first seeded alliance in their division 1973B (Millilani) and its alliance. Both teams did very well and were strong competitors.  Team 3008T will now be working on major improvements to their robot for the State Championships. Keep you updated!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kalani Robotics Academy

Hello again and sorry, this post is about a week late.
But anyway, Kalani Robotics members had an awesome time over fall break teaching children in KRA! Although we had to wake up early and spend a lot of our would-have-been free time, it was definitely worth it! We all enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about ourselves teaching the children, and they were lots of fun to be around. Not only that but we also earned about 1500 dollars for our team!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

State Capitol Children's Day

Today was very very busy with our team helping with not only one but TWO activities at the State Capitol Children's Day event.  The morning was taken up by the Kalani-hosted bristlebot tournament in which teams from different elementary schools competed with their bristlebots in races, sumo matches, and even cheer competitions. All of the teams had were so spirited and enthusiastic!
At the same time and extending into late in the afternoon was a robot demonstration.  We set up a booth early in the morning by the state library and displayed our FRC Ultimate Ascent robot as well as a VEX robot for our demonstration. Towards the end of the day, we drove the big FRC robot around which seemed to capture the interests of children more than it scared them away, interestingly. We even let some of the bypassing little kids give driving a try, and even shot some frisbees until our computer died and we decided to call it a day.  Luckily, the 'Olelo channel caught us just on time for a quick interview before we left.  'Olelo might show our interview on TV- I will post the showing dates and times soon.

Tomorrow is also the start of the fall Kalani Robotics Academy, so even more craziness is to come.  As always, I will keep you posted!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another update, after a long time of not updating.

Hi everyone.  We're really sorry we haven't updated in so long.  Wow, we haven't even told you what we did at the world championships five months ago! Alright, well here is a little update on what we've been doing lately.

First of all we would like to thank all of our donors who backed us on Kickstarter.  Without you, going to the FRC world championships would not have been possible!

The world championships was a wonderful experience for us.  Arriving a few days before the tournament, we had a little bit of time to go sightseeing.  We had a blast at the Gateway Arch, riding the trams all the way up to the top.  The ride up was a bit creaky and scary, but it was amazing to see the city from 600 feet high! 
Then we ate some delicious burgers for lunch and went to the DaVinci exhibition where we saw lots of great inventions, innovative designs, and fascinating complex mechanisms.  What an educational experience!

The next day, we went to the baseball game with the St. Louis Cardinals playing against the Pirates.  Unfortunately it was super cold and raining.  We were freezing up in the stands- good thing we each had a bag of vitamin C to keep us from getting sick!  But it was still a great experience.

The tournament was three full days of pure hard work.  We were in the Archimedes division.  Team members in the pit were working nonstop on maintaining the robot, and the drive team walked back and fourth pulling the robot across the very long and tiring distance from the pit to the arena.  Everyone was exhausted at the end of each day, but it was great exercise!
We did not win anything at the tournament, but we still enjoyed the awesome experience meeting so many different teams and making new friends.  We hope that we qualify for the world championships again this coming season.


As for what we are doing currently, our VEX team hard at work improving their robot for the next Toss Up tournament at Nanakuli High School on October 19.  After not doing as well as we wanted to at the last two tournaments, we've learned a lot from our mistakes and our new robot will be our best yet.  We even spray painted the polycarb platform for the intake and drew a falcon on it for school spirit. :)
Many thanks to Dylan, Jackie, Masa, Ken, and Paul for an awesome VEX team.  Thank you also to the Wagners, Mrs. Marion, Mr. Hagiwara, Mrs. Mitsui, and Mr. and Mrs. Bell for supervision in the garage and providing us with assistance!

We will keep you posted about how we do at the tournament.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Please give us a hand!

Hello all,
The Kalani Falcons team 3008 are very much in need of donations in order to support our funding for our trip to St. Louis Missouri for the FIRST World Championships.
Please support us by clicking the link below, and sharing it with your friends and family!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FRC Hawaii Regional

Hello again.
We've just recovered from an extremely busy weekend at the FIRST 2013 Hawaii Regional.  Three straight days of rushing around, making last-minute changes, and having frequent panic attacks; but it was definitely worth it.  We brought back with us the Entrepreneurship Award and the title of Regional Winner.  We will explain. Read on. >>

The Hawaii Regional had a much greater variety of teams, including teams from Australia, Taiwan, California, and China.  It was a lot of fun meeting all the different people!

Our brand new falcon mascot costume was a big hit.  It was very animated and spirited, bringing even more excitement to the pits and stands.

Picture by Friends of Hawaii ROC

We spent a lot of time in the pits trying to improve our robot and fix a lot of problems that we had.  Our hard work really paid off.  We finally got our climber to work, which got us a lot of hanging points.  It made a big difference, especially towards the end.

We didn't use our shooter much because it was hard to aim, so we focused mostly on defense.  

Picture by Friends of Hawaii ROC

Our skills in playing defense is probably what made Leileihua and Baldwin, the third seeded alliance, choose us during alliance selections.  We were very surprised and glad that we got picked, especially considering that our final ranking was 32 out of 38.

The quarter finals were very challenging for us.  We were knocked so hard that we lost connection.  The connection would go out frequently in the next few matches, but luckily we stopped losing connection sooner or later, won the quarter finals, and moved on to the semi finals.

The semi finals were easier than the quarter finals.  We won without needing a tie breaker. We were already so surprised about winning the quarter finals, and winning the semi finals was far beyond what we expected. Moving on to the finals was even more surprising.

The final matches were so full of suspense.  We were up against Waialua, Punahou, and Sacred Hearts and we really did not expect to win.  Until we did.

And the crowd goes wild!!

Picture by Darius's mom
Credit to Team 3132 for lending us the numbers

We couldn't believe it, but here we are with the title of Regional Winner.  All thanks to Baldwin and Leileihua for being such great alliance partners!

Picture by Darius's mom

Meanwhile, we're getting ready for an exciting trip to St. Louis Missouri for the World Championships on April 24-26.  Keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sacramento Regional!

Hi again, Cammy here.
It's been a while since I last posted...
Well anyways, Team 3008 has just returned safely from an exciting trip to Sacramento! We've been hard at work- competing from Thursday all the way until Saturday at the FRC 2013 Ultimate Ascent Sacramento Regional at the ARC Center at UC Davis.

Thursday was the busiest.  Especially for the electrical team.  Since we didn't finish during the build season, we had to completely wire up the entire electrical and pneumatic system for the bot- all in one day.  And we did it! And it was really nice! And it worked!  Great job, Kevin and Darius!  However, we still did had some issues.  The compressor wouldn't turn on at first, and when we finally got it to turn on, we discovered a bunch of air leaks in the pneumatic system.  The shooter articulator would go up and down unexpectedly.  We had to be really careful where we put our heads.

As for the competition itself, our team ended up ranked 19 out of fifty-something.  Which is pretty good considering all the problems we had, and the fact that the entire bot was wired up in just one day.  Thanks to the wonderful drive team, we were able to play defense really well even though our shooter didn't work.  We were able to block a high-scoring opposing robot from getting to its shooting area for an entire match.  Talk about superb driving skills!

Oh, and I forgot to add that we were ranked #1 or pit safety.  Thanks to our safety captain and our awesome-looking pit area!

Our team represented Hawaii really well.  We had a lot of fun meeting all the cool people from other teams and making lots of friends.  We even got plenty of helpful advice for our Chairman's booklet from Team 1868- the Space Cookies- who had won the Chairman's Award for three years in a row!

Although we worked and competed really hard, we did spare some time for fun.  All of Monday was used for team building.  We explored the UC Davis campus, shopped for souvenirs, went bowling and played pool!  It was a lot of fun and we got to know each other better.

We also did a lot of sightseeing around the UC Davis campus.  The campus was really  nice, with cozy-looking houses and warm friendly restaurants and shops.  We saw squirrels once in a while, and even a few crows.  Not something you see every day in Hawaii!  We enjoyed the experience.

The boys had fun at the playground.

At the end of the trip, we were all nice and tired.  Although it was fun, we're so glad to be back in Hawaii with the nice weather, the awesome food... you name it.  We can finally take a break and rest- for now.  The Hawaii Regional is coming around fast!  Team 3008 will be competing once again at the Stan Sheriff center on April 4-6.  Please come support us if you can! We will keep you posted.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday February 19-- LAST DAY!

Today is the very last day of this year's FRC build season.  We are all very sad, very happy, very relieved, and very STRESSED at the same time.

We worked in the garage literally all day to finish the robot.  The intake still had a lot of problems, and the gearboxes still hadn't been mounted yet!  To add to all that, the electrical board that we were provided didn't fit on the robot after all.....

There was a lot of tweaking, and finally, we decided that the intake wasn't really necessary.  It didn't work too well anyway, and might cause problems.  We used the intake to mount electrical components instead.  Since the electrical problem was pretty severe and last-minute, we decided to just quickly mount the components with zip ties, and take care of the rest when we get to Sacramento.  Then we took a picture of the robot and put it in a plastic bag.  We are hoping for the best when we get to Sacramento!

Overall, this was a fun year.  Even though we faced a lot of problems, the only thing that matters is that we learned as much as we could, had fun, and grew closer together as a team and family!

Monday, February 18

Today, the gearboxes finally were delivered to us after getting lost twice in the mail!  Now we are cramming to assemble them and mount them onto the robot.  Also, some of the electrical components were attached and wired up.  There is only one more day left of FRC!

Sunday, February 17

Today was the third-to-the-last day of FRC.  We were were working as quickly and efficiently as we could so that we would be able to finish on time for shipping day.  We witnessed some problems with the intake, because we didn't have enough contact with the frisbee in the area where it would be picked up by the conveyor and dropped into the shooter.  Instead, the frisbee was getting stuck by the bottom of the intake.

The other half of the team went to Pearl Ridge Mall for a Bristlebot demonstration.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday, February 16

Today, we finished the shooter! It works very well and was mounted onto the robot. Some work was done on the essay also. The spacers on the intake was finished.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, February 15

More work was done on the intake, shooter and website! On the shooter, more tweaking was done on the chains and wheels, in the end someone had to retrieve more shafts for the wheels. On the intake, duct tape was applied to the spacers and latex tubing was added to the intake rollers. On the website, some things were added to the gallery but it doesn't appear for an unknown reason. Cammy started the Chairman's Essay, it is welcome to be edited by any team member, the document can be sent on google docs.

Thursday, February 14

Today in robotics, we worked really hard on trying to get the intake and conveyor to work.  We had a little bit of minor difficulties, but they were eventually solved.  The shooter also needs a lot of work... we currently have a shaft stuck in one of the wheels, and are trying to get it out somehow.  It also has some problems with the chain lengths.  It's either too loose or too tight.  We are also figuring out how to mount our climbing mechanism, since we realized that there is a chain in the way that could get damaged by the bar when we start climbing, so we tried attaching an angle liner and some shafts to protect the chain from damage.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 13

Today, we did work on the intake, shooter, bumpers and website. With the shooter, we were fixing the chain and tweaking. With the intake, rollers were put on with surgical tubing. We put metal pieces on the bumpers. We looked at the website a lot today! Considering making major changes in appearance. Let's hope that goes well.

Tuesday, February 12

Today, there was no "mechanical team" or "electrical team." We all worked together on the same thing.

It was a pretty busy day, especially because this is the last week of the build season.  We only have seven days left.  We started by working on finishing up the shooter.  It had some problems with the chain, but we were able to fix that.  We tested the shooter, and it was functional.

The second thing we needed to do was to find a way to attach the bumpers to the robot frame.  We had some trouble, since the robot is designed really close to the ground this year, and we also needed to avoid covering the intake.  However, we have a slight idea of how we would do this and started cutting out pieces of metal to attach to the bumpers.

We also continued to fix up the intake and the conveyor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 11

Today, we all worked really hard on the robot.  Since this is the last week of the build season, we really need to hurry up and finish!  Today was spent mostly making things for the intake, such as installing the piece of polycarb and making little plastic "teeth" that will help with the frisbee's ascent up the conveyor.  We are almost finished!

Meanwhile, the electrical team worked on merging the rectangular target program in with the rest of the image proccessing on our main LabView project.  We copied and pasted the whole thing, and it seemed to work when we tested it.  Then we went to go help the mechanical team as much as possible.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10th

Today, both the mechanical and electrical team worked together to make bumpers. We got the bumpers completed today- both the blue and red sets. We still need to add the metal pieces for attaching them, and then we are all set! We also continued to work on the intake rollers for picking up frisbees.

Saturday, Feburary 9th

Today was a busy day- the team members had to go to three different places. First of all, some people went to demonstrate Bristlebots at the KCC science fair. Along with bristlebots, we also brought two VEX robots, and our 2012 award-winning robot named Daedalus. We taught many kids how to build bristlebots, and when we brought out the VEX robots to drive, they got really excited and crowded all around, each asking for a turn with the controller. Second of all, some people stayed at the garage and started to make bumpers for our new robot- which will be hopefully completed soon. The last group of people went to mill out some shafts at Sacred Hearts, and then went to UH to weld a few pieces together.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday, February 8th

The mechanical team bot the climber pieces finished and packed up to be welded. The intake was being adjusted, rollers being replaced. The electrical team worked on datalist(sp?) for KCC on Saturday. Research was also done on other teams going to Sacramento, checking out their website and looking at their achievements.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday, February 7

Today, the mechanical team worked on the intake system, installed rollers and attached the poly cord.  They also continued working on the CAD design for the climbing mechanism.  We are trying to have the whole robot completed by Saturday.  The final construction has begun!

The electrical team continued to work on modifying the old program.  We were mostly trying to get the tank drive to work on the simulator, but had some trouble with the directions of the motors.  After hours of switching axis and polarity to different combinations, the robot still spun in circles when we told it to go forward and vice[-versa.  We think it could be a problem with the simulator.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday, February 6th

Today, the mechanical team worked on the intake, shooter and the arm. On the intake, the rollers were being added. Time was also spent on sauteing tubing together for the intake. On the shooter, we are adding chains. The arm was being worked on in CAD and is still in progress. The electrical team was fixing some errors in the program, working some things out. The main website is also being played around with, a slide show added on the homepage of the main website with some pictures to make it look more attractive. Some people started looking at other team's websites and comparing it to the main website to see what should be added.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5

Today, the mechanical team worked on finishing the rollers for the conveyor belt, and installing the intake rollers.  ZJ also went up to Sacred Hearts Academy for a while to mill out the shafts for the shooter.  The CAD design for the climber is currently being worked on.

The electrical team was also successful with programming the potentiometer to show angle instead of voltage.  We did this by simply multiplying the voltage by 50. We also tidied up our area-- it was pretty messy before.  Now we finally have space to work! Then we started trying to correctly calibrate the camera, but it was too dark so we decided to do that some other time when we have access to the gym.  Our goal for the next few days is to look over the previous programs and try to figure them out and put them together to make the final program for the robot.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, February 4

Today, the mechanical team started making PVC rollers for the intake and the conveyor.  They also worked on making the CAD design for the climber.

The electrical team was finally able to successfully program the potentiometer to display the voltage on the front panel! Now we are figuring out how to convert the voltage into an angle so that it can be used for the shooter.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday- February 2

Today in robotics, the mechanical team went off to U.H. to weld the shooter together.  We didn't see them much... but hopefully it came out great!

Meanwhile back in the pretty-much-empty garage, the electrical team had their own business to do.  We worked together to figure out the best way to put all of the electrical components onto the pieces of PVC that we were given to work with, and we were successful with it.  We also started cutting, stripping, and crimping wires for the fans on the talons.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, February 1

Today, the mechanical team started learning how to use pneumatics. They also started making holes in polycarb for the shooter, cutting more metal for the shooter and started preparing the robot for welding.

The electrical/programming team did more research today on programming the potentiometer and analog inputs. Later on, they started trying to use the potentiometer on the practice bot. More work was done on the website, attempting to fix the image on the main website and editing the calendar.

Thursday, January 31

Today, the mechanical team worked on finalizing the CAD design for the shooter and trying to finish cutting the metal parts for it so that it can be welded together on Saturday.

The electrical and programming team spent most of the time discussing ways to arrange the electrical components on the space that we were given. We will shortly be starting to try and program a VEX potentiometer using LabView.

*Please note that the date and time stated above is way off...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Master Log -- Days: January 5th--January 30th

This is a log we created showing our progress during the first month of the six-week build session.  However, we will be making daily post updates from now on.

Kick-Off January 5th--Saturday

  • Went over 2013 game manual
    • Ultimate ascent
  • Double checked checklist for kick-off kit-of-parts
  • Strategy overview:
    • Accurate shooter that can make high goals
    • 1st level hang if able (not a high priority)
    • Be able to pick up disks and receive from feeder station
  • Prototyped shooter
    • Using two pneumatic wheels
    • straight guide on side
    • Pneumatic piston pushes disks in to wheels.

January 6th--Sunday

    • Brainstorming
      • Ways to climb pyramid
      • Intake design
    • Testing Prototype Shooter
    • Starting Intake Prototype
      • PVC Pipes
      • Latex tubing

January 7th--Monday

      • CAD
        • Designing intake on CAD
        • Designing chassis on CAD
      • Intake Prototype
        • Testing intake a bit
        • Starting to rethink design for the intake
      • Testing Prototype Shooter more

January 8th--Tuesday

  • CAD
    • Shooter on CAD is being built
    • Chassis is also being built
  • Shooter
    • Finalizing the shooter
    • More testing
  • Testing Prototype Intake
    • PVC pipe is drilled
    • Latex tube is wrapped around and attached to the pipe

January 9th--Wednesday

    • More CAD
      • Chassis is still being built
      • Shooter is also still in progress
    • Intake
      • Finalizing touches
      • Rethinking design (?)
    • Shooter
      • More testing outside the room

January 10th--Thursday

      • CAD
        • Shooter
        • Intake
      • Cutting Parts for Chassis
        • Milling

January 11th--Friday

        • CAD
          • Chassis
          • Intake
        • Building wheels
          • Working with power tools to make wheels
          • Wrapping traction around wheels and attaching it
        • Some of the electrical/programming team researches how to program

January 12th--Saturday

        • Working on wheels more
          • Making a few more
        • CAD
          • Chassis
          • Intake

January 14th--Monday

        • Mechanical team is working on wheels
        • Chairman’s team is working on essays
          • Speaking
          • Writing
          • Looking at past works
        • Cleaning and sorting
        • The other half of the Mechanical Team is cutting for the chassis
        • Designing and working out the chassis and intake, how it will work
        • Intake is being worked on
        • Six week plan is in progress/is worked out
        • An Activity Log has started being written out

January 15th--Tuesday

Mechanical Team

        • Currently working on intake rollers, PVC pipe and Latex tubing
        • Building some of the structure of the intake
        • Putting together pneumatic wheels
        • Drilling holes for the shooter prototype
        • Starting prototype chassis
Electrical/Programming Team

        • Currently figuring out how to load programs to run on the cRIO and stuff, having trouble
        • Participating in online forums for help
        • Got an image on cRIO
        • Put together an electrical binder

January 16th--Wednesday


        • Testing out shooter
        • Working on chassis
        • Working on brackets (shooter)
        • Mounted the prototype intake on prototype chassis
        • Prototype intake testing
          • The intake worked after a few adjustments. It turned out we didn’t really need a lot of compression on the Frisbee to suck them in. The latex tubing had enough traction to suck in the Frisbees with ease.
          • We also found out that the distance between the first and second rollers needed to be precise for out intake to work. When the first roller takes in the disk it goes through with ease but if the second roller was too close to the first set of rollers the Frisbee wouldn’t have enough space to change from one angle to the other (Frisbee starts off at 180 degrees and needs to change to 36 degrees because the intake ramp is at 36 degrees).

        • Uploaded and got the code to work on practice bot
        • Fixing chain on practice bot
        • trying to figure out an autonomous

January 17th--Thursday

  • Completed shooter
  • Currently testing shooter
  • Fixing shooter
  • Completed intake
  • Attempted autonomous
    • trying to make a simple short autonomous- robot drive in a square. Problem with 2 motor drive open WPI occurred when we tried to run it.
  • Modifying practice bot- fixing the back wheel chain problems
  • Researching pneumatics
  • Researching how to program sensors
  • Scrolling through forums for help on sensor programming, pneumatics, kinect, etc.

January 18th--Friday

  • Attempted to a hole for the motor--no.
  • Currently mounting motors on prototype shooter
  • CAD
  • Cutting metal for intake
  • Fixed a wheel on practice bot
  • Held a meeting about camera, kinect, encoder and what to get done
  • Attempted to research about kinect and camera using search engines and forums

January 19th--Saturday


Mechanical team:
-Made shooter work!
-Experimenting with shooter:
  Trial 1:
10 9/16 compression. Tires 15 psi
angle 33 degrees
height of shooter: 23”
height of table 27”
max height of frisbee: 9 feet
estimated max distance around 38 feet.
delivery: pushed in.
  Trial 2:
Compression- with foam strip.: 11 ⅛ inches
same angle and height.
approx distance: 48 feet
estimated height: 9 feet.
delivery: pushed
 Trial 3:
compression: 10 and 9/16 + half an inch from strip.
approx distance: 62 feet.
approx height: 10 to 11 feet.
same angle and height of shooter.
delivery: pushed in.
Trial 4:
compression: 10 and ⅞ inches, foam strip
angle and height is same.
approx distance: 82 feet. and 5 in.
approx. height: 14 feet.
delivery: pushed in.
Trial 5:
compression: same
same height and angle
approx distance: 58 feet and 9 inches
approx height: high
*Delivery: not pushed in (inching)
Trial 6:
New angle: 25 degrees
*greater distance when flatter.
approx height: same as previous
approx distance: 83 and a half feet
Trial 7:
parallel to ground.
27 inches from ground.
approx height... not much
approx distance: 85 and a half feet
Trial 8:
angle increase: new angle 37 degrees.
approx height: 18-20 feet.
approx distance: around 77 to 78 feet
delivery: inching
Trial 9:
increase of angle: new angle about 42 degrees.
Approx distance: 36 feet and 3 inches.
Approx height: VERY HIGH. at least 20 feet high.
*notes: frisbee is stalling(?)

Electrical/programming team:
-Made the camera work!
-still figuring out how to program camera
-researching Kinect
-In the future: make three different distances: close medium and long

January 21st--Monday

figured out the final compression of 10.25 inches! Shot the frisbee almost 30 feet high.
continue CAD

working on finding info about camera and how to program it.
(kinect is temporarily out of the picture.)

January 22nd--Tuesday


  • Camera programming

  • Created a rectangle out of retroreflective tape (to mock the perimeter of the actual goal)

  • Currently trying to get camera to tell the distance


  • Currently using CAD for the intake

  • Trying to get the shooter to shoot the frisbee upside down

  • Weighed parts of chassis

  • Milled something for the prototype intake

  • Studying datalis

January 23rd--Wednesday

  • CAD shooter
  • Cutting, milling metal pieces for the shooter
  • Attempted to create the field's perimeter
  • Making more goals to test camera
  • Testing out the practice bot and sorta driving

January 24th--Thursday

  • Cut out metal for the shooter
  • Fixing problems on shooter with CAD
  • Discussed our autonomous plans
  • Currently trying to figure out how to calculate the angular velocity
  • Thinking of how to mount the mock goals up on the walls
  • Talked about plans with the camera

January 25th--Friday

-Finished battery mount
-working on cadding the shooter.
-cutting pieces of metal
-a lot

-Finished building the high goal

January 26-- Saturday

Mechanical team:
-brainstorming and prototyping the climbing mechanism

Electrical/programming team:
-Programmed the begin/finish VI’s with LabView
-Attaching fans to talons

January 28 Monday
Mechanical team:
-working on the robot frame
-working on shooter.

-cut out a piece of polycarb for the electrical components
-Started learning how to program a potentiometer.

January 29- Tuesday

-continued working on shooter and climbing mechanism

-Thinking really hard about how to place electrical components, given so little space...
-Started designing box to put in the front

-Discussed all of our problems, and possible ways to solve them.

January 30th--Wednesday
  • Update website
    • Uploading pictures
    • Made a “sponsors” page
  • Started layout for pneumatics
  • Brainstorming where to put electrical parts
  • Brainstorming camera mount
  • Manufacturing the shooter
  • Fixing bugs on intake
  • Finalizing shooter