Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5

Today, the mechanical team worked on finishing the rollers for the conveyor belt, and installing the intake rollers.  ZJ also went up to Sacred Hearts Academy for a while to mill out the shafts for the shooter.  The CAD design for the climber is currently being worked on.

The electrical team was also successful with programming the potentiometer to show angle instead of voltage.  We did this by simply multiplying the voltage by 50. We also tidied up our area-- it was pretty messy before.  Now we finally have space to work! Then we started trying to correctly calibrate the camera, but it was too dark so we decided to do that some other time when we have access to the gym.  Our goal for the next few days is to look over the previous programs and try to figure them out and put them together to make the final program for the robot.

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