Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12

Today, there was no "mechanical team" or "electrical team." We all worked together on the same thing.

It was a pretty busy day, especially because this is the last week of the build season.  We only have seven days left.  We started by working on finishing up the shooter.  It had some problems with the chain, but we were able to fix that.  We tested the shooter, and it was functional.

The second thing we needed to do was to find a way to attach the bumpers to the robot frame.  We had some trouble, since the robot is designed really close to the ground this year, and we also needed to avoid covering the intake.  However, we have a slight idea of how we would do this and started cutting out pieces of metal to attach to the bumpers.

We also continued to fix up the intake and the conveyor.

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