Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday February 19-- LAST DAY!

Today is the very last day of this year's FRC build season.  We are all very sad, very happy, very relieved, and very STRESSED at the same time.

We worked in the garage literally all day to finish the robot.  The intake still had a lot of problems, and the gearboxes still hadn't been mounted yet!  To add to all that, the electrical board that we were provided didn't fit on the robot after all.....

There was a lot of tweaking, and finally, we decided that the intake wasn't really necessary.  It didn't work too well anyway, and might cause problems.  We used the intake to mount electrical components instead.  Since the electrical problem was pretty severe and last-minute, we decided to just quickly mount the components with zip ties, and take care of the rest when we get to Sacramento.  Then we took a picture of the robot and put it in a plastic bag.  We are hoping for the best when we get to Sacramento!

Overall, this was a fun year.  Even though we faced a lot of problems, the only thing that matters is that we learned as much as we could, had fun, and grew closer together as a team and family!

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