Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 37, Tuesday, February 11


  • Tweaked autonomous for testing tomorrow
  • Tweaked driver control; all controls functional
  • Started mounting LEDs
    • on button side of chassis
    • used connectors on corners
    • ran out of length for any other parts
      • more LEDs can be bought for use on triangles and other places
    • Can extend connectors by soldering
      • for transition to triangles and bottom
  • Need to put all electronics back that were taken out when gearbox repaired
  • Need to make drivers station new joysticks
    • use a board and velcro things on
People: Camelia, Darius, Masanari, Yuuma, Kevin W

Attendance: Jackie, ZJ, Kevin A, Danielle

  • Put mech. list of parts to take to Texas (in the fat maxes)
  • Created part drawings for new intake
  • Started cutting parts for intake
  • Shot and scored ball
  • Problem with gearboxes
  • Put new hard stops on for shooter

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