Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 29-Day 30, Saturday-Monday, February 1-Febuary 2

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle

Welded, spray painted and assembled robot.

Attendance: ZJ, Kevin A, Jackie, Danielle, Blake

Attached shooter, chained up the gear boxes and put wheels on intake. We also cut a rod to hold the shooter, sanded down the rod and the holes for the bearings on the intake.

What we did:

  • Electrical board is ready for testing hot detect
    • Need to finish finalizing wire length
    • Add more permanent wire connections
  • Worked on hot detection
  • Worked on final program
  • fixed batteries
  • Finished cutting polycarb
  • Mount polycarb mount
  • Wire all final program
People: Peter, Darius, Kevin W, Sara, Cammy
What we did:
  • Finished final program except for autonomous
    • Need autonomous
    • Need hot detection
  • Tried to put production electrical board into robot
    • Did not fit
    • Cut board
      • still didn't fit
    • Cut more so it fits in chassis
  • Yuuma learned how to program
  • Resecure talons onto board
  • Start placing our electronics
  • Connect SIM motors to talons
  • Masa, Yuuma, Darius, Peter, Kevin W, Fabrice, Sara

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