Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 34-36 Masterpost

Day 34, Friday, February 7
  • DriProgram broke again
    • it was retrieved luckily
  • Remade "Begin", "teleop", and started an autonomous
  • Can't test until robot is finished
  • Will test teleop tomorrow
  • Decided exactly where solenoid is going
  • Fixed intake talon orientation
  • Made intake motor wires
  • Powered cRIO
  • Powered various components
  • Drill holes in intake for wires
  • Hook up pneumatics
People: Sara, Camelia, Darius, Masanari, Fabrice, Kevin, Peter

Jackie, ZJ, Kevin, Danielle

Put together the solenoids and crimp wires.

Day 35, Saturday, February 8
  • Got dashboard program
  • Nothing got deleted today
  • Wrote an autonomous program
    • not tested yet
  • Tried to test vision but couldn't ping camera
  • so no image came in
  • Fixed up teleop
  • Wrote finish VI
  • Fixed Begin VI
  • Saved lots of backup
  • Put together all pneumatics
    • tested for leaks
      • fixed most of them
  • Drilled holes for intake and hardstop
  • Put two high pressure tanks and two low pressure tanks
People: Camelia, Darius, Sara, Fabrice, Peter, Masnari, Jackie


Help drill holes on intake and shooter. Vacuum while holes were being drilled. Put new tetlon tape on pneumatic fittings.

Day 36, Sunday, February 9
LED's we got them to work and we will put them on the intake as soon as it is ready
  • Started testing teleop
  • Programmed buttons and controllers for teleop
  • Finished wiring everything
  • Changing first driver to two joysticks
Goals: Change intake motor controls to attack 3 joysticks transmission control
People: Camelia, Darius, Sara, Kevin, Masanari, Fabrice

Jackie, Dylan K, ZJ, Kevin A, Blanke

Fixed the cart. Found that the hard stops on the shooter are wrong. Helped trouble shoot the program and drove the robot.

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