Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 33, Thursday, February 6

Programming: Fixed the vision code that broke and Fabrice made "Begin & Teleop" and Yuuma made "finish" VI.
Before, it broke after we copied it from the flash drive so we had to use the target detection VI from the C Drive location and not E drive (flash drive) almost ready for testing now hopefully 2/7.

  • Out on polycarb
  • Installed compressor
  • Started making cRIO power
  • Powered digital side car
  • Filmed some scenes for video
  • Decided a place for signal light on bar at top
  • Finish wiring components
  • Attach Radio
  • Put together pneumatics
People: Masa, Darius, Yuuma, Sara, Camelia, Fabrice

Jackie, ZJ, Kevin, Blake, Danielle

Worked on electrical. Installed the compressor, CAD ed and designed a new Robot Cart. Installed Cable for hard stops.

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