Friday, November 15, 2013

Rockwell Animations- Voting has restarted (please continue to vote for us)

Hi all,
The Rockwell Automations future video voting contest has been restarted due to glitches in the system and people finding out ways to delete their cookies after voting so that they can vote as many times as they want.

They have fixed their website glitches, and we are now only allowed voting once each day.

Our video is now on the 7th page. It has a different thumbnail, and it also has sound this time.

new location of our video

Please continue to vote for our video! However in courtesy to FIRST and Gracious Professionalism, we ask that you don't try to "cheat," as easy as it may be. (No deleting cookies, using proxies, writing codes, editing page sources, etc.) We realize that it is very tempting, but remember that FIRST is all about being Gracious Professionals. However, please vote for us once a day.

Thank you!

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